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Data-driven product validation and performance testing.

Independent Biomechanics Consultants

We are a team of biomechanists, neurophysiologists and athletes trained at top research institutions. We use human subject testing to provide scientific insights about how sports products affect performance. Learn about our research projects and backgrounds below.

Research Projects

Yoga Mat External Cueing

Yoga is gaining popularity as a therapy and exercise routine. Our work with Robyn Capobianco, PhD has shown that external cueing is more effective in creating postures. We are investigating whether mat design affects one's ability to repeatably perform yoga postures. Follow up for progress updates and results!

Novel MMA Glove Design

ONX Sports has hired Active Innovations Lab (previously called Research Institute of Sports Engineering) to determine how using their novel MMA glove design affects forces on the bones of the hand during punching. We are building a custom mechanical test rig in collaboration with Black Lab Sports. Follow us for progress updates and results!

A Novel Weightlifting Machine

Prime Fitness USA hired Active Innovations Lab (previously called Research Institute of Sports Engineering) to determine how using their new weightlifting machine affected biceps curl maximum strength compared to a typical machine. We tested 20 people over 2 weeks with both the novel resistance machines and typical resistance machines. After 2 weeks and 5 sessions of lifting with both machines, people who used the novel resistance machines gained 16% more maximum strength throughout the range of a biceps curl!

Ski Touring Binding Weight and Performance

We are avid skiers and love ski touring in the backcountry. As consumers and scientists, we were curious about how binding weight and mechanism affect uphill skiing metabolic energy consumption (how many calories it costs to go uphill). We partnered with Dynafit (donated product) and Dr. Alena Grabowski of the Applied Biomechanics Lab at CU Boulder. We asked 6 people to ski uphill on a treadmill in the Applied Biomechanics Lab while we collected motion and metabolic cost data. Touring with tech bindings saves 9.7% metabolic energy compared to frame bindings! Read more results here.

Yoga Postures and Muscle Activation

Robyn Capobianco, PhD, a yoga teacher, neurophysiologist and friend of ours, is curious how yoga postures and teacher prompts affect muscle activation and joint stability. Our collaborative project is ongoing but make sure to follow us and Robyn to learn more about science and yoga!

Meet the Team

Kara Ashcraft

Research Scientist

Dan Feeney, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CTO

Simon Montgomery

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Jana Montgomery, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CEO

We work alongside some amazing scientists and business professionals.

Advisers and Collaborators

Our co-founding team is brilliant and motivated but we understand that having a team of successful scientists and business professionals will benefit us for years to come. Click below to meet some of our advisers and collaborators.


Director of Applied Biomechanics Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder

Alena Grabowski, Ph.D.

Founder, Yoga Neuromechanics

Robyn Capobianco, Ph.D.


Director of Development, Habitat for Humanity

Steve Hinson, MBA